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Low mirror heat reduction films deliver exceptional performance for architecturally sensitive applications

At this time of year, when temperatures typically escalate and workers within buildings can suffer in the sweltering heat, you might understandably seek out solutions for making your own internal spaces more hospitable. Dedicated heat reduction films like those that Opalux supplies are frequently cited as a potential option – but are you concerned that the installation of such a product on your glass could be detrimental to its appearance?

This is an especially frequent concern when the building where the film is to be applied is a listed or historic one, thereby necessitating an aesthetically sensitive approach.

Well, the good news is that highly sophisticated low mirror heat reduction films are available from Opalux that sport a muted grey or bronze interior and exterior look, while still limiting the amount of heat gain and solar glare experienced by a building’s occupants.

Both interior and exterior versions of these films can be specified

All of our low mirror heat reduction films offer the lower reflectance that makes them well-suited to architecturally sensitive settings. However, the window films that you install might not perform or last for as long as they could or should, if you do not make the right choice between internal and external variants.

It’s customary for window films to be applied on the interior surface of glass, but in historic or listed structures in particular, it may not always be easy, possible or advisable to install film from the inside. This is why we offer these low mirror films in both interior and exterior versions, the latter of the exterior-grade construction that enables them to stand up to the elements for longer.

Allow us to guide you towards the right window film

As well as picking between internal and external versions of these in-demand heat reduction films, customers will need to select either grey or bronze – and even then, there are further options to choose from in line with specific requirements.

Those that opt for grey low mirror film, for instance, can opt for Neutral Grey 20 (SO-20NG-iSR), Neutral Grey 35 (SO-35NG-iSR) or Neutral Grey 50 (SO-50NG-iSR); the first of these only transmits 18% of visible light, which helps it to reduce glare by 80%. By contrast, the respective figures are 48% and 45% for the Neutral Grey 50 film.

If you are at all unsure about the window film that would represent the best choice for your intended application, whether as a specifier or end-user, you are welcome to contact the Opalux technical department on 0845 026 1125, or email This way, you can help to ensure you order the heat reduction films that would bring you the optimal results.