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Opalux external low-mirror films combine a subtle appearance with high performance

For many of those seeking to purchase our solar protection window film here at Opalux, there can often be a friction between the competing priorities of aesthetics and practicality. Yes, you are probably motivated to order such window film in the first place due to a wish to better protect a building’s occupants from the adverse effects of excessive heat and glare... but a given film not having the right look for the building for which it is intended, could be a deal-breaker.

That’s one reason why we are proud to be able to offer low-mirror film alongside the reflective films that you may have initially considered for your building. As its name suggests, the former type of film doesn’t have the latter’s highly mirrored outside appearance, its more neutral look lending itself well to architecturally sensitive settings, such as historic buildings.

But what if it isn’t either possible or advisable to have such solar protection window film fitted on the internal surface of the given building’s glass? In that case, you may have good reason to look to our externally applied low-mirror window films.

So many benefits beyond their exterior-grade construction 

As you might imagine, a window film that is installed on the exterior surface of a building’s glass needs to be able to resist the weather and other elements that could otherwise cause it to deteriorate quickly. That’s why our external low-mirror window films have been made to be true exterior-grade films, complete with a scratch-resistant coating and long warranties.

But it isn’t, of course, just their strength in the face of adverse outdoor conditions that makes our external low-mirror window films such a fine choice. That’s because they also have that low-mirror appearance, in the two available hues of grey and bronze. These are understated window films from the inside, too, simply giving off a light tint.

Then, there is the formidable performance that these products deliver as solar protection window film to consider. When you wish to achieve significant heat and glare reduction, in the process providing a better experience for the occupants of your buildings and helping to reduce energy costs in the long run, these are films that you can depend on. Indeed, their credentials are strengthened further by their high level of filtering of potentially harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Equip your building with only the best solar protection window film

With an extensive range of window film products available from Opalux, we’re the people to talk to when you are in need of a film that will bring real results in terms of appearance, heat control, glare reduction and any number of other aesthetic and practical needs.

Simply email or call 0845 026 1125 now to ask us any questions about the window films that may best suit your needs, as well as to arrange a free survey.