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Opalux Mani-Fest® is a simple, fuss-free health and safety solution

Glancing at much of our online window film range, it might be easy to think that here at Opalux, we only supply products for the purposes of repelling excessive heat gain, minimising glare, maximising security and/or enhancing privacy.

But that is not, of course, the case, especially given that we are also such a reputable source of glazing safety manifestation.

What do we mean by ‘manifestation’, anyway?

Manifestation is the name given to a type of treatment given to many glass surfaces – including glass windows, doors and partitions – in order to maximise their visibility. This, in turn, helps to prevent the users of nearby spaces colliding with the glass, and potentially suffering injury as a result.

We can be your trusted, go-to source of such film

Opalux Mani-Fest® window film is available in standard and bespoke forms alike, to match the most specific requirements you have for the intended setting.

Our standard manifestation, for instance, simply consists of frosted manifestation dots or squares that can be purchased ‘off the shelf’ on 50-metre rolls, or a continuous 50m x 50mm frosted strip.

There’s no more straightforward a way of satisfying the requirements of the Building Regulations and the Workplace Health Safety & Welfare Regulations, with regard to window or glass partition manifestation.

All that you have to do is follow the enclosed fitting instructions, pulling the length required from the roll and ensuring two bands of manifestation are applied to the glass surface in question, aligning with each other vertically, as well as horizontally with adjacent panels.

But we can also answer more demanding needs

If you have slightly more specialised expectations with regard to the glazing manifestation that you wish to purchase from a supplier like Opalux, you may be pleased to learn that we also offer manifestation on a bespoke basis.

This means that by negotiation, you can have Mani-Fest® 50-metre rolls created by us to your own specification. This service is subject to a minimum order quantity of 750 linear metres, and enables you to have manifestation produced that incorporates your own choice of repetitive mark or logo, within certain design limits.

In the event, however, that you would like to enjoy even greater design freedom than this, there is also the option of asking us about freeform manifestation.

Again, the basic purpose of such manifestation is to make the glass easily visible, and therefore safer, except that you will also have the utmost scope to introduce whatever imagery you desire to your building’s office partitions, windows and reception areas.

You’re just a few steps away from the ideal product

Window film in all of its shapes and forms is very much our speciality here at Opalux, and always will be! We’ve been serving end users’ and specifiers’ most discerning window film requirements since 1976, and we can do much the same when you are in the market for glazing manifestation.

Call 0845 026 1125 or email today, and you’ll be able to have the necessary detailed discussion with our technical department, to make sure we devise the most suitable solution together.