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Opalux Mani-Fest® - Bespoke glazing manifestation

Glazing Manifestation

The option is available, by negotiation, to customise Opalux Mani-Fest fifty metre rolls to your own specification.

Bespoke 50m rolls with your desired pattern are available by negotiation, with a minimum order quantity of 750 linear metres.

Bespoke Opalux Mani-Fest allows you to select a distinctive repetitive mark or logo (with certain design limits) for large scale applications such as all partitions in a school, hospital, office block, all entrance & shopfront glazing for a chain of stores etc, or for on-going resale under plain label for a trade supplier.

There will be an initial set-up cost plus a negotiated production rate, with discounts available depending on the quantity ordered. 

(If the quantity required is below or well below the 750 linear metres minimum, we can connect you through the Opalux Market Place to an Opalux graphics provider for individual plotter-cut designs).