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Privacy can be achieved in so many ways with Opalux window film

The task of ensuring privacy for the occupants of an internal space so often goes hand-in-hand with effective light management, which helps to explain why Opalux has such a stellar reputation as a supplier of window film with true privacy-boosting credentials.

One only needs to browse our current range of privacy-oriented window films, in fact, to see such options as standard translucent privacy films, frosted vinyl plotter-cut graphics, patterned films for semi-privacy, and digitally printed translucent designer films.

So, which of these window films are likely to represent the best choice for your own privacy requirements or those of the end user that you are specifying such products for?

For both total or semi-privacy, our standard translucent films may do the job

Our highly regarded standard translucent privacy screening films – namely the Fine Acid Etch – White (PA902) and Frost Vinyl (PV900) products – are proven, versatile options. Both of these films sport a finely textured matt finish, are suitable for application to new and existing glass alike, and can provide two-way privacy without seriously reducing levels of natural light.

These particular films allow for a high level of freedom in the initial glass specification, so that it can be determined at a later date precisely where privacy is and isn’t required. There may be certain areas like meeting rooms and reception areas, for example, where total screening isn’t needed, a certain level of through-vision being acceptable or desirable.

All in all, such translucent window film does a great job of providing the exact level of privacy needed in a variety of settings, while giving the user the scope to remove, replace or update the film over time in line with changes in how the spaces are used.

But we also offer many other specialised solutions

Naturally, it might be the case that your needs as a specifier or end user deviate slightly from those set out above. If so, an alternative product from our range of privacy window film may be the best one for your given setting.

Those alternative options include, among others, our opaque privacy films, which are not see-through or translucent, but do not entirely block all light transmitted through the glass. In the event that the latter is a benefit you do seek in a privacy window film, we can supply dedicated total light-block film instead.

Finally, if it is one-way privacy that you would like to achieve with a daylight-facing window, this can be achieved by fitting a solar reflective film or dual reflective film, a mirrored finish being provided from the outside.

In short, you have a lot of options for privacy-enhancing window film when you source such a product from Opalux. This, in turn, is one reason why we would always urge you to get in touch with our company directly when you are attempting to select the best possible solution.

Call +44 (0)845 026 1125 or email, and we will be able to discuss your requirements for such a window film, and guide you to a solution that ideally matches your aesthetic, practical and budgetary priorities alike.