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Transform your windows’ appearance – or not – with the most suitable window film

Inevitably, if you have reached the point as a specifier or end user where the installation of window film at the property for which you are responsible seems to be the best step for accomplishing certain practical or aesthetic needs, there will be competing priorities that you are forced to carefully consider.

We touched on the aesthetic aspect above, for example, and you only need to casually glance over the range of window films outlined on the Opalux website, to appreciate just how much leading window films can vary in terms of appearance, while also still fulfilling key practical requirements.

The impact of our window films isn’t merely ‘skin-deep’

Many of our customers, for instance, are specifically interested in heat reflective material for windows. This is a type of window film that – whether it is designed to be applied on the inside or outside surface of the glass – literally reflects a certain proportion of the solar energy it comes into contact with. Sure enough, these films also look reflective, sporting a highly mirrored appearance.

However, while some specifiers and end users quite like the opportunity that such film gives them to achieve a uniform look for the glass of the given building at the same time as boosting solar control and privacy, this may not be a very suitable aesthetic for historic and listed buildings.

The fact is that irrespective of your practical needs in the realm of window film, it’s perfectly possible that the building for which you are seeking such a product is of the more architecturally sensitive variety. That’s why a solution that swaps such a mirrored look for something more understated and neutral, such as our low-mirror films, may be the wiser choice for certain settings.

Something else that’s more than possible, though, is that you need to source a high-performing window film for a building where you’d rather the appearance of the windows wasn’t visibly altered at all. In that case, our state-of-the-art clear heat control films may intrigue you, these products being particularly useful for the likes of retail shop windows and motor showrooms.

Looks may not be everything, but they can be very important in your window film

Are you unsure of the exact combination of appearance and performance characteristics that would best suit the environment where you are seeking to have window film installed? Or would you simply like to request a competitive quote, while ensuring the product you are already carefully considering is definitely the one that our technical team would also recommend?

Whatever your specific requirements might be, we would be pleased to assist you here at Opalux; call us now on 0845 026 1125 or email, and we will be able to do precisely that.