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We’re approaching conservatory season – but there’s one potential problem...

Britain seems to be very much a nation of conservatories and the people who love them. Certainly, here at Opalux, we believe there’s nothing quite like being able to relax in one’s own conservatory, perhaps while reading a book or tapping away at a laptop. Conservatory ownership and use can be an utter pleasure – until the very moment that it isn’t.

We are referring, of course, to the excessive heat and glare problems that can sometimes make conservatories less than pleasant places to be, at the very time of year when we might most look forward to using them.

Some potential solutions make more sense than others

You might have considered various potential remedies for restoring a hospitable environment to your conservatory. A lot of conservatory owners look into having shutters or blinds installed, for example. However, this might have undesirable consequences for the conservatory’s appearance, to say nothing of the need to constantly get up over the course of the day to adjust such window coverings.

If it is excessive heat gain rather than glare that is your biggest problem, you might open a window or door, or consider more sophisticated ventilation solutions. But again, these measures can be a hassle, and leaving a window or door open could also be a security risk.

There’s no need to compromise when you select our heat reflective material for windows

Thankfully, a solution exists that really can be installed at your conservatory, and then forgotten about. We are referring to our solar reflective films that are specifically designed to be fitted to polycarbonate windows or rooflights, with options available for both interior and exterior application.

The ‘polycarbonate’ aspect is an important detail, given that if you apply a standard reflective film on your conservatory windows or rooflights, it is likely to bubble up. This won’t be a problem when you instead select our heat reflective material for windows made from polycarbonate, thanks to the special adhesive that they use.

What options do we give you for this highly-rated film?

As we mentioned above, we can give you both internally and externally applied versions of this product. The film meant for interior installation is the well-known Opalux Suncool SO-10SC-iBF solution, while the exterior product is External Reflective Silver 20 for Polycarbonate (SO-20RS-eBFSR).

To give you an idea of the performance that can be expected, the latter film transmits just 15% of solar energy, reflecting 50% and absorbing 35%. It also filters out 99% of ultraviolet (UV) rays and reduces glare by a whopping 81%.

When you are looking for conservatory-ready heat reflective material for windows that can be depended on to significantly cut solar heat and glare while also being scratch-resistant and reducing energy use for cooling, you can’t expect to find a superior product anywhere.

Now’s the time to talk to our friendly and capable team

It may ‘only’ be March, but now is the time of year when we often start to see a surge in demand for window film products for conservatories like yours – so don’t wait too much longer to purchase!

Call the Opalux technical department now on 0845 026 1125 or email, and we will provide advice in light of your specific needs, in addition to a highly competitive quote for the most suitable product.