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Solar Reflective Films for Polycarbonate

Heat and Glare Control

Giving you maximum solar heat & glare reduction


Solar reflective films for polycarbonate windows or rooflights are manufactured with a special adhesive to counter the tendency for standard reflective films to bubble up if applied to plastic instead of glass.

The interior version is a translucent metallised film which is typically applied to conservatory polycarbonate rooflights to achieve immediate shading and relief from the direct rays of the sun.  This film is the well-known brand Opalux Suncool.

The exterior version is a metallised silver solar reflective film which gives you maximum solar heat and glare reduction and also daytime one-way privacy. This product is equivalent to an exterior solar reflective film for glass but with a polycarbonate-friendly adhesive which allows for application to most polycarbonate glazing. 

This film in daytime lends the glass a silver reflective outside appearance, whilst from the inside the visual effect is much less noticable as a light tint.

These films not only provide significant glare reduction, but also filter damaging UV rays which are the biggest factor in the premature fading of furniture and furnishings.

Accurate selection of film requires specialist knowledge and end-users and specifiers are encouraged to consult Opalux technical department. 

Where appropriate you will be connected to an Opalux approved dealer who can discuss your requirements, visit site if necessary, and provide costings for the film installation.