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Window film to reduce glare can have all-year-round relevance

The reasons why it makes sense to purchase window film to reduce glare during the summer are obvious; at a time of year when the sun is at its brightest, glare can be a recurrent problem that prevents a building’s occupants from concentrating on their vital work.

If you’re ever been trying to concentrate on a computer screen, for instance, only for glare to make it difficult to see what’s on the display, you’ll know just how much of a godsend dedicated glare reduction window film can be for bolstering worker comfort and productivity during the summer.

It’s easy to overlook, though, just how much of an issue glare can also be at other times of year. Indeed, glare may turn out to be an even greater problem for a building’s occupants in the colder and darker months, due to the sun being lower in the sky.

So, glare reduction window film might bring even greater value than you think

While the occupants of taller buildings may be especially vulnerable to being dazzled by direct sunlight on a regular basis, here at Opalux, we’re delighted to stock window film to reduce glare in a wide range of settings, and in all manner of circumstances.

When a lot of people think of window film to reduce glare, it is solar reflective window films that particularly come to mind. Sure enough, we offer a variety of such products that provide varying levels of glare reduction, depending on how much of a priority this is for you; of these, it is our Reflective – Silver 20 films that lower glare to the greatest extent, by 82%.

However, we are also pleased to be able to supply low mirror window films for those that wish to ensure a good level of glare reduction without the highly mirrored appearance that our solar reflective films have – as may be the case for you if you are seeking out films for a more architecturally sensitive building.

Or perhaps you are in need of window film to reduce glare in the very different setting of a conservatory or where polycarbonate rooflights have been installed? If so, our External Reflective Silver 20 for Polycarbonate film reduces glare by 81%, while also – in common with other films we have described in this article – providing additional benefits such as solar heat rejection, ultraviolet (UV) filtering and scratch resistance.

We can source the window film that ideally matches your requirements

Whatever your uppermost priorities are for the next window film that you purchase, you can be confident of making the right choice when you first get in touch with our technical department, by calling +44 (0)845 026 1125 or emailing

Don’t allow glare to be a constant headache for the users of your own buildings – or any buildings for which you have responsibility as an end user or specifier – at this or any other time of year.