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Winter conservatory use is much pleasanter with the right window film in place

The colder, darker and wetter months may not be a time of year when you would ordinarily expect many heat and glare problems at your home. However, the fact remains that these issues can occur during any season. In fact, the low-lying sun might make glare an inconvenience that necessitates some kind of urgent solution – including in your conservatory, or wherever rooflights are installed.

This is where such solutions as the solar reflective films for polycarbonate that we supply here at Opalux can really come into their own.

These are both heat and glare reduction films that differ from the many other such films we provide, given their special adhesive that prevents them from bubbling up when applied to plastic rather than glass. But what else makes these films so different and special?

Take your pick from our interior or exterior product

As is the case elsewhere in our range of heat and glare reduction films, our solar reflective films for polycarbonate come in versions that are designed to be installed on the outside surface of the conservatory window or rooflight, and on the inside.

The interior film is the widely acclaimed Opalux Suncool (SO-10SC-iBF) product that takes the form of a translucent metallised film. It can be depended on to provide immediate shading and relief from the sun’s harsh rays, during those times – even during the winter – when there can be an outbreak of such sun.

If, however, you are specifically on the lookout for a film that can be applied on the outside surface of your rooflight or conservatory window, it is another Opalux product – the External Reflective Silver 20 for Polycarbonate film (SO-20RS-eBFSR) – that can come to your rescue.

This film’s performance statistics tell their own story about its effectiveness in repelling heat gain and glare. Not only does this product reflect 50% of solar energy and absorb a further 35%, but it also reduces glare by 81% and filters out up to 99% of harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. All of this is good news for your interior furnishings, as well as your own health. 

The appearance of this film from the outside, meanwhile, is silver reflective during the day, and a much less noticeable light tint on the inside.

Benefit from a much more hospitable interior space this Christmas

The festive season may bring a whole host of priorities that don’t apply at any other time of year, but one of the last things that you will want to have to experience is unexpected heat and glare making for a less-than-pleasant experience in your conservatory or similar space.

This is why our technical department here at Opalux would be delighted to assist you in your efforts to select the most appropriate film for your own setting, even visiting your site if necessary, before providing a competitive and accurate quote.

Call 0845 026 1125 or email today for a more in-depth discussion of your requirements, so that we can guide you to the most suitable options among our acclaimed heat and glare reduction films.