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Low E Energy Control Window Films

Energy Control

Opalux all seasons energy control window films are internally applied solar control films with a Low-E coating added to the interior facing surface of the film.

This gives a product which rejects a high proportion of the heat and glare of the sun, improves your comfort levels and reduces your air conditioning costs.  The Low-E coating then reduces winter heat-loss through the glazed areas of your building, helping to reduce your heating bills thus improving your carbon footprint.

While a locally applied Low-E filmmay help combat the cold-chill effect for persons sitting next to large windows, for winter energy savings to be achieved it will be necessary to treat most if not all windows in a particular area or building, That has a thermostatically controlled HVAC system.  

Opalux offers the choice of a solar reflective Low-E film giving maximum solar heat reduction and winter heat saving, or a neutral low mirror Low-E film giving useful solar heat and glare reduction with winter heat saving.

Opalux also offers an energy saving computer analysis for estimating what cost savings can be achieved with different Opalux window films.  Click on ENERGY SAVING COMPUTER SIMULATION for more information.

Accurate selection of film requires specialist knowledge and end-users and specifiers are encouraged to consult Opalux technical department.

Where appropriate you will be connected to an Opalux approved dealer who can discuss your requirements, visit site if necessary, and provide costings for the film installation.