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Grey/Black Window Tints

Tinted Window Films

Opalux grey/black window tints are non-metallised optically clear deep-dyed polyester window films used for tinting clear glass in a range of grey/black densities. They range from very light shades through intermediate shades to very dark shades. 

Lighter shades are mainly used for aesthetic, UV control or shading purposes. The darker shades in addition give high levels of glare control as required for computer screens etc. These films give varying levels of day-time privacy with a low mirror exterior appearance to the glass.  

This range of films are useful for matching-up replacement clear panels with the original surrounding tinted glass.

The darker shades need to be used with caution on sealed units and laminated glass because of the high levels of heat absorption.  This can be overcome, with lower risk, by using the outside weatherable version.

This outside version is also widely used to screen blocked out windows.  The outward face of the blocking out material behind the glass should be a uniform dark colour to prevent the detail of the blocking material from ‘grinning’ through the screening film.

Accurate selection of film requires specialist knowledge and end-users and specifiers are encouraged to consult Opalux technical department. 

Where appropriate you will be connected to an Opalux approved dealer who can discuss your requirements, visit site if necessary, and provide costings for the film installation.