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Now is the time to invest in solar protection window film for the spring and summer

Whether as a specifier or end user, you might have noticed the brightening skies and creeping temperatures in recent weeks, and considered the implications that this will have for the buildings for which you have responsibility, and the people using such premises.

If – as has been the case in certain parts of the UK lately – snow has been falling near your buildings, it might not seem that purchasing a product to repel excessive heat gain and glare should be much of a priority for you. But you can be sure that such conditions will arise during the spring and summer, with all of the consequences they'll have for users of your residential or commercial sites.

In that situation, you won't want to be caught out and have to rush your decision to buy solar protection window film, especially given the sheer wealth of such products available through suppliers like Opalux. In short, now is the time to start comparing your options.

You'll have a lot to think about when picking between window films

Presumably, if you're specifically on the lookout for solar protection window film, your main priority in such a film will be solar protection. Sure enough, we have solutions across our range here at Opalux, that offer various levels of heat rejection and glare control, to help to ensure the continued comfort and productivity of your buildings' users throughout the summer months.

These characteristics must also be balanced, however, with such other factors as cost, visuals and where the window film in question is to be installed. We offer both internally applied and externally applied versions of our solar reflective and low-mirror window films, for instance, with the external films sporting a more durable construction to enable them to withstand outdoor conditions.

But you will also want to consider whether the premises where the solar protection window film is to be applied better suit the highly mirrored, but uniform appearance of our reflective films, or instead the much more muted and neutral aesthetic of our low-mirror films.

Speaking of appearance, clear heat control films can also be sourced from us, for those settings - such as retail shops and motor showrooms – where it really is imperative for the highest level of visibility through the windows to be maintained.

Dedicated solar reflective films for polycarbonate are available from us, too. These particular films are designed for use on polycarbonate windows or skylights, and are much better suited to this job than standard reflective films, which tend to bubble up when applied to plastic rather than glass.

Take the time now to seek the right advice about window films

One of the other reasons we're asking you to take action now on sourcing solar reflective window film, is the simple fact that it can take a little while to decide on the ideal one for your intended application. Indeed, you will require specialist advice if you are to be absolutely sure of making the right choice for your buildings.

Such advice can be sought right now from the Opalux technical team, who can be reached by calling +44 (0)845 026 1125 or emailing Don't hesitate to contact us now to ensure you are as well-informed as possible before selecting a given solar protection window film, as well as to request your free survey and quotation.