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Are you looking for a solar control film with a slightly more understated appearance?

The value of solar protection window film like that stocked in many different varieties here at Opalux can scarcely be doubted, particularly when a need exists to minimise excessive heat and glare. However, one common reason for specifiers and end users sometimes being deterred from purchasing traditional solar control films is their highly mirrored, reflective appearance.

Such an aesthetic may be highly undesirable for many buildings, such as historical and listed structures that require a much more visually sensitive addition to their windows.

This is why it is greatly helpful for many of our customers that we can offer low mirror solar control window films that combine the aforementioned practical benefits with a suitably muted grey or bronze appearance from the inside and the outside of the building.

You’ve got no shortage of leading options to choose from

Among the low mirror solar control window film products presently in our stock are both internally applied and externally applied versions, the latter of a weatherable construction that enables them to stand up to the worst of the elements over time. Various factors may dictate whether you opt for an interior or exterior film for your own building – for example, if the inside surface of the windows that you wish to treat are not easily accessible.

Our website is highly informative with regard to the effects that our various low mirror films have. Purchasers of our Lower Mirror – Neutral Grey 20 (SO-20NG-iSR) film, for instance, can look forward to a formidable 80% reduction in glare by a product that also rejects as much as 99% of the ultraviolet (UV) rays that would otherwise pass through the glass.

As aforementioned, a bronze appearance can also be specified for low mirror window film from us; interior-applied versions of such film include both Lower Mirror – Bronze 20 (SO-20SB-iSR) and Lower Mirror – Bronze 35 (SO-35SB-iSR). These two films reduce glare by 77% and 55% respectively, with the total solar energy that they reject being 75% and 55%.

We can help you to pick the most suitable window film for any application

Whatever your aesthetic, practical and financial requirements may be in relation to any window film that you are looking to buy, you are encouraged to contact the Opalux technical department so that we can advise you as to which film best suits your intended application.

Call 0845 026 1125 today to receive the guidance that you require to select the most appropriate window film, as well as to arrange a free survey and the most competitive quotation.

Can window film be installed on tinted glass?

There are several reasons why you may be concerned about the prospect and viability of having window film applied to already-tinted glass. Given that much window film is itself tinted, you might be wondering what consequences the addition of a window film may have for visibility through your tinted glass, as well as such characteristics as ultraviolet (UV) rejection and glare reduction.

However, another factor may have come to your attention to lead you to ask the question “can window film be installed on tinted glass?” – namely the risk of thermal fracture. 

Could the application of window film risk the integrity of your glass?

To understand why thermal fracture may be a more likely possibility if you have window film installed on already-tinted glass, it is important to appreciate that tinted glass is a major heat absorber, which can create a high level of stress within the glass.

With window film also absorbing a certain amount of heat, there is a risk that if the combination of the tinted glass and any applied window film results in a very high level of heat absorption, the associated thermal stress could cause the glass to crack.

Installing the film externally, rather than internally, may help

One potential solution to the above problem is to fit your window film to the outside surface of the glass rather than the inside. We offer various external films here at Opalux, consisting of the weather resistant construction that enables them to avoid rapid degradation due to sunshine exposure.

The main reason to choose externally applied rather than internally applied window film for application to tinted glass, however, is the fact that the former type of window film rejects the heat of the sun before it penetrates and is absorbed by the glazing unit itself.

This helps to lessen the chances of thermal fracture as a consequence of an elevated level of heat absorption in the glass. It is also why we recommend external over internal window film for other specialised and vulnerable forms of glass, such as laminated or Georgian-wired glass.

Ask us about the solutions that could best suit your given application

So, can window film be installed on tinted glass? The short answer is “yes”, but the longer and more complicated answer is that much depends on such factors as the type of window film used, as well as the level of tinting in the glass and the likely level of heat absorption.

This is why, before you purchase any window film for application to tinted glass, we would advise you to contact the Opalux technical team, so that we can help you to assess the probable risks and determine the solution that is least likely to leave you with any headaches.

Simply call the Opalux team now, on 0845 026 1125, or complete and submit our straightforward contact form, to ask us any specialised questions about window film or request a free survey of the glass at your property.

How does window film work?

While not all forms of window film work in exactly the same way, there are nonetheless certain consistent aspects governing how they function. The basic purpose of a window film is to provide an extra barrier on top of the window surface as a means of protection.

Different forms of window film cater to different needs

One only needs to browse the full selection of window films that Opalux offers to appreciate that there are many different types of window film and tinting, with each product having a slightly different purpose to the next.

The typical window film consists of a layer of clear polyester film, so that vision through the glass is maintained once the film has been applied to the window.

However, window films also routinely incorporate other tinting agents, including metals and dyes, to ensure the desired performance in the setting in which they are intended to be used.

A good example of this can be seen in how internal and external window films differ. Window films are usually applied on the inside surface of glass, rather than the outside. This is because externally applied window film would be exposed to the outdoor elements such as the sun, wind and rain, making it vulnerable to more rapid deterioration than would be the case if it was applied internally.

However, there are also certain circumstances in which it is not feasible or desirable to install window film on the interior surface of glass, such as if the interior surface is difficult to reach or the glass is laminated or Georgian-wired.

For these reasons, we can also supply specialised exterior-grade window films of the weather-resistant construction necessary to protect them against rapid degradation.

Select the window film that perfectly matches your needs

As you browse our online selection of window film here at Opalux – encompassing such variants as tinted window films, energy control films, UV control films, patterned films and many more – you will also be able to examine the exact specifications of the different options before you.

Different window films deliver different outcomes with regard to such aspects as the percentage of visible light transmitted and reflected, the levels of solar energy transmitted, reflected and absorbed, levels of glare reduction, and many more.

For more information in response to the question “how does window film work?”, particularly in relation to the particular type or variant of window film that you may have in mind, you are welcome to get in touch with the Opalux technical department today. Don’t hesitate to call 0845 026 1125 today, or to complete and submit our straightforward online contact form

How long will the window film last?

Our customers frequently ask us: “how long will the window film last?”


In truth, there is no one answer for all situations, as this depends on a range of circumstances, including the material composition of the window film itself, as well as how it is to be used – not least the setting in which it is to be installed.


The window film itself is only one factor to consider


Naturally, here at Opalux, we take great pride in our manufacture and provision of the most technically advanced and expertly engineered window film that can be depended on to deliver impeccable performance over a prolonged period of time.


However, with window film being known to last for potentially decades in the right conditions, it is important to carefully consider the specific factors that could especially impact on the longevity of your chosen film.


The types of materials from which the window film is made are obviously crucial, but the type of window to which the film is applied is a similarly significant factor. It is vital not to install a window film on a surface for which it is not designed, as this will drastically reduce its effective lifespan.


If a window film intended for application to glass is instead installed on a polycarbonate surface, for example, it will not adhere properly to the polycarbonate, which will cause the film to bubble up and appear unsightly in a matter of days.


The orientation of the window – whether it faces north, south, east or west – and even the local climate and weather conditions can also potentially affect the length of time for which the window film remains in an acceptable state.


If in doubt, check the warranty


In the absence of other information about a given window film’s likely longevity in the setting in which you intend to install it, it is always instructive to consider the level of protection given by the attached warranty.


Our solar reflective window films are a case in point with regard to the difficulty of maximising a film’s lifespan when it is to be installed on the outside surface of glass.


The product warranty on our internal Reflective – Silver 20 film (SO-20RS-iSR) is a full 10 years, for instance. However, this falls to seven years vertical and up to four years sloping for the external version of the same film (SO-20RS-eSR), despite the latter boasting weather resistant construction with additional ultraviolet (UV) barriers.


Contact Opalux today for further insight


Remember that if you require a more specific answer to the question “how long will the window film last?” with regard to your own particular situation as a specifier or end-user, the Opalux customer service team would be pleased to advise you accordingly.


Simply call 0845 026 1125 now to ask us a technical question or to arrange a free survey and quotation for whichever window film from our range may have captured your interest.



Is window film applied to the exterior or interior?

Window film is typically installed on the inside surface of glass, in both buildings and vehicles. However, dedicated exterior window film is available for certain special circumstances, such as if it is difficult to obtain access to the interior side of a window, or if the type of glazing does not lend itself well to window film being applied on the inside surface.

As one of the premier suppliers of window film for both interior and exterior application here at Opalux, we can advise you on which type of film may best serve your specific requirements.

Don’t get these two types of window film mixed up!

If there are any questions our technical team is asked almost as often as “is window film applied to the exterior or interior?”, they are “Can I apply internal films externally?” and “Can I apply external films internally?”

Unfortunately, we do not recommend that you apply interior window films on the outside surface of glass. This is because the different way in which internal film is processed compared to external film means it would not be able to withstand the ravaging effects of external weather and ultraviolet (UV) rays. Interior window film applied outside would therefore have a much shorter lifespan than exterior film installed in the same setting.

It is, however, possible to apply external window films internally without any adverse issues.

In what specific circumstances may I buy external window film?

A good example of exterior window film is our External Reflective solar control film that can be specified in Silver 20 (SO-20RS-eSR) or Silver 35 (SO-35RS-eSR) variants. These films are of weather resistant construction, incorporating the additional UV barriers required to protect them from degrading due to exposure to the sunshine; they also have a strong water resistant adhesive.

We routinely recommend that our customers purchase these exterior window films over their internally applied equivalents if inside access to the glass isn’t possible, or if the glass is laminated, heavy tinted or Georgian-wired. Certain double or triple-glazed windows may also be best suited to window film being applied externally rather than internally.

Ask the Opalux team today for specialised and informed guidance

If you are still confused or unsure about any aspect of whether window film should be applied on the inside or outside surface of your own building or vehicle’s glass, please consult the dedicated page of our site for exterior-grade window films

Alternatively, simply fill in and submit our online contact form or give us a call, on 0845 026 1125. We will then be able to advise you on which of our highly rated products may best suit your needs.


Automotive window tinting does more than simply boost aesthetic appeal

One of the most obvious reasons for a driver to decide to enquire about car window tinting films is the same one that motivates many dealers and fitting businesses to approach us about such products here at Opalux – the visual effect that tinting has on a vehicle’s glass surfaces.

You may be interested in ordering car window tinting films for your own customers due to their having requested a solution that would enable them to maximise the privacy – and therefore, safety and security – of their vehicle driving and ownership experience. 

Alternatively, of course, it may be the classy and uniform appearance that window tinting lends to a vehicle that is the chief motivation a particular customer has to have such films fitted to their car.

But car window tinting films don’t just improve the way a car looks. That’s because there is a wide range of other respects in which products like the OPX films we stock here at Opalux could considerably enhance the day-to-day life of the average driver.

Give your customers much greater comfort and convenience as they drive

As we mentioned above, safety and security are certainly things that many drivers wish to bolster when they ask businesses like yours about car window tinting films. When it is more difficult for a bystander to look through the glass at the contents of a vehicle, there is a much-decreased likelihood of that person attempting to break into the vehicle to steal any precious goods.

But when you peruse our broader selection of OPX car window tinting films, you will soon see examples of the various other practical purposes that they can serve.

No one wishes to be behind the wheel of a car, for instance, only to have their vision suddenly obscured by low-lying sun, which is why a film with excellent glare reduction priorities may be an especially great priority for some drivers. Our one-ply non-metalized NR Elite Solo 5 film is just one fine example of such a film, lowering glare by an astounding 94%.

Penetrating and persistent ultraviolet (UV) rays are another worry for many drivers, given the damage that they can cause to not only human health and comfort, but even possibly a car’s interior upholstery over time. Fortunately, you can select literally any of our current OPX car window tinting films – including those from the NR Elite Solo, NR Elite Duo, HP Refined and IR Challenger ranges – in the knowledge that your customer will benefit from UV filtering of up to 99%.

Talk through your needs for high-quality car window films with Opalux

Opalux has been one of the most trusted suppliers of window films since its establishment in 1976 – and more than 40 years on, we remain the company that you should call when your business needs to source tinting products of the highest calibre.

Call our hotline now, on 0845 026 1125, to receive further guidance as to the car window tinting films that may best suit the application you have in mind. Our OPX range continues to go from strength to strength, and our experts can help to maximise your chances of making the best possible choice for your given customer, each and every time.  


OPX NR Elite Solo car window film is no mere ‘entry-level’ option

Understandably, when your dealer or fitting business is striving to meet the most exacting demands of its customers, you will expect the highest level of sophistication – but also excellent value – in whatever car window films you choose, as a bare minimum.

Our wide selection of OPX window films, however, may give you the false impression that our supposedly ‘entry-level’ products may lack something in the way of refinement or performance. This could not be further from the truth, as is deftly demonstrated by our OPX NR Elite Solo films.

They may be called ‘Solo’, but they fulfil multiple purposes

While our OPX NR Elite Solo products are so-called on account of their single-ply construction – as opposed to the two-ply form taken by their NR Elite Duo counterparts that can also be ordered from Opalux – they are impressively cutting-edge films in their own right.

This much is demonstrated partly by certain characteristics that all of our OPX window films under the NR Elite Solo banner can boast, such as their remarkable clarity, high-performing colour-stable properties and non-reflective appearance.

However, you only need to take a cursory look at the relevant section of the Opalux website to appreciate that we also offer many variations on the basic formula of our NR Elite Solo film. In fact, we presently stock six versions of this 25micron, non-metalized film – namely NR Elite Solo 5, 15, 20, 35, 50 and 70.

These numbers correspond with the percentage of visible light that each of these films allows to be transmitted through the glass. So the OPX NR Elite Solo 5 film, for instance, only permits the transmission of 5% visible light, while rejecting 43% of total solar energy; these percentages are a very different 70% and 23% respectively for the OPX NR Elite Solo 70 product.

But it’s also far from just various degrees of solar energy rejection and visible light transmission that these sometimes overlooked OPX window films provide. You might not have known about their glare reduction capabilities, for example, amounting to 94% in the case of the ‘5’ film, and 20% as far as the ‘70’ is concerned. These differences allow for every degree of need to be catered for.

Then, there’s the not-insignificant fact that all of our OPX NR Elite Solo films deliver as much as 99% ultraviolet (UV) filtering. This is an invaluable feature for drivers having such films fitted to their cars, given the harm that UV rays can cause to a vehicle’s interior and even human health over time.

Don’t look further... simply ask for a competitive quote now

It may be the NR Elite Solo film that you consider to be the best choice for your own customer who has just asked you about car window films, or you may instead be most drawn to such possibilities as the equally – or even more – sophisticated NR Elite Duo, HP Refined and IR Challenger products.

We are delighted to be able to supply them all as part of our far-reaching and industry-leading range of OPX window films here at Opalux – and it’s an extremely simple process to get in touch with us to request advice, guidance or a good-value quote. Simply call 0845 026 1125 today. 

What makes our OPX IR Challenger car window films such a superb investment?

One of the best reasons to turn to Opalux for the automotive window films that many of the customers of your dealer or fitting business may be asking for, is the simple fact that we are the home of the highly rated OPX range of such films.

Indeed, we give you a breath of car window films from which to select, and which benefit from advanced design and manufacturing expertise.

Why, then, when such possibilities as our OPX NR Elite Solo, NR Elite Duo and HP Refined window tints cater to a broad range of needs that your customers could conceivably have, should you instead recommend the installation of OPX IR Challenger films, as we can also supply?

Privacy, comfort... and so much more

It may be that your company’s customers initially ask you about car window films due to a wish to provide their vehicle’s windows with a cleaner and more uniform appearance. OPX IR Challenger films are certainly one example of window tints that are capable of this, and what’s more, there are various shades from which your customers can choose within this range.

These two-ply, non-metalized films come in no fewer than five basic varieties, in fact. The IR Challenger 5 product, for example, transmits 5% visible light, compared to the 70% of visible light transmission that the IR Challenger 70 film enables. Much the same pattern continues throughout the range, with the IR Challenger 20 film allowing 20% of visible light to be transmitted, the IR Challenger 35 product 37%, and IR Challenger 50, 51%.

But all of these films also provide an exceptional 99% rate of ultraviolet (UV) rejection for a healthier and pleasanter experience behind the wheel. Then, there’s the not-insignificant matter of glare reduction. The rate for this in the case of the IR Challenger 5 film is an astounding 94%, but even the IR Challenger 70 product – despite allowing a high level of visible light to be transmitted – still cuts glare by a very useful 20%.

All of these qualities, taken together, help to make our OPX IR Challenger film a great option for boosting the privacy, comfort, security and even aesthetics of your customers’ vehicles. The remarkable scratch resistance and lifetime warranty that these films also come with simply maximise their appeal to the most discerning drivers.

Request your quote now, or ask for more information

Would you like to learn more about our vast selection of car window films, and take advantage of our knowhow and experience in all things automotive window tinting to ensure you choose only the product that best suits the needs of your customers?

If so, it’s quick and straightforward to get in touch with the Opalux team today. Simply call 0845 026 1125 now, or complete and submit our simple online enquiry form.




Whatever your customer’s requirements, there are OPX window films to suit

No driver deserves to have to suffer from excessive heat or glare when behind the wheel, and nor should they be forced to accept inadequate privacy or security as a vehicle owner if there is a relatively straightforward and cost-effective solution available that can combat such issues.

This helps to explain why we are so pleased to have a comprehensive selection of OPX window films available in our present stock here at Opalux. These window tints are sophisticated products that can deliver impressive results for the customers of your professional dealer or fitting business.

As a consequence, these are window films that your firm should not overlook if you are interested in delivering greater customer satisfaction and maximising profits.

But which of these window films is ‘the answer’ for your customer?

Even if your customer asks you specifically about window films as a means of addressing the potentially huge problem of elevated heat or glare while driving, it may not be immediately obvious to you which of our OPX window films will represent the best solution for their requirements.

This is why we would always urge you to contact the Opalux technical team prior to ordering any given automotive window film, so that our seasoned experts can advise you on your options.

Nonetheless, as you browse our relevant product pages for our OPX window films, you’ll begin to appreciate the many similarities and differences between them. You’ll become more informed on exactly what separates our NR Elite Solo from our NR Elite Duo films, as well as how our HP Refined films are a highly installer-friendly solution and the IR Challenger product could be great for enhancing your customer’s privacy within their vehicle.

It’s important to remember, too, that each of our OPX window films is available in a broad assortment of specifications and roll widths. Our IR Challenger 5 film, for example, transmits only 5% visible light and reduces glare by 94%; by contrast, the IR Challenger 70 film offers 70% visible light transmission, but only 20% glare reduction.

The Opalux team can equip you with the knowledge to make the right choice

Automotive window film can be a major investment for both your customers and your business. You therefore shouldn’t hesitate to get in touch with us – as you can by calling 0845 026 1125 – if you are at all unsure about the product that will best serve your customer. After all, your entire firm’s reputation can hinge on getting such decisions right, time and time again.


5 great reasons to order OPX car window tinting films

Your professional dealer or fitting business will naturally always wish to have access to the latest, most sophisticated and most useful products, and the situation is no different as far as car window tinting films are concerned. That's just one reason why, despite having only recently been introduced, our wide-ranging OPX automotive window films have already proved such strong sellers.

Below, however, are five more factors that help to explain their success - and potential value to your own firm.

Their installer-friendliness

Our OPX car window films have been conceived, designed and produced with the needs of the fitter expressly in mind.

Your workers will always desire products that are relatively quick and easy to install at the same time as providing excellent heat shrink, not least given the time and labour cost savings that can be enjoyed as a result. This is precisely what our OPX films bring to your company.

A stellar amount of choice

Every customer's needs are different, which helps to explain why there are so many options among our car window tinting films under the OPX name.

From our NR Elite Solo and NR Elite Duo optically clear and non-metalized polyester films, right through to the HP Refined and IR Challenger products that are renowned for their own effectiveness in reducing ultraviolet (UV) exposure and glare, we give you a generous complement of options.

A reassuring manufacturer's warranty

Peace of mind will always be important to any customers of yours who invest in car window tinting films. This much is provided in large part by a three-year warranty in the case of the OPX NR Elite Solo film, a limited lifetime one accompanying the NR Elite Duo product, and lifetime warranties with both the HP Refined and IR Challenger films.

Superior scratch resistance

It can be an overlooked factor given the impact that these car window tinting films have from a UV rejection and glare reduction perspective. Nonetheless, a robust scratch-resistant coating will help to reassure your customers that the film they have just purchased will look and perform well for a long time to come without having to be replaced.

Our unrivalled reputation as a window film specialist

The Opalux name is synonymous with quality, dependability and performance in the window film industry. This applies for both our architectural films and automotive films, with end users such as dealers and fitters realising that few companies are as committed as we are to providing genuinely leading-edge, long-lasting and cost-effective products.

Indeed, it isn't only our car window tinting films themselves that have been instrumental in giving us our present unparalleled reputation in the sector, but also the highly professional and responsive service routinely provided to firms like yours by our technical department.