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Guard against solar damage with Opalux’s exterior-grade window films

One sure mark of a great window film company is an ability to provide not only high-quality interior films, but also exterior-grade architectural films that are effective at protecting a building from the adverse effects of sustained and intense sun exposure.

We are proud to be able to offer truly state-of-the-art exterior-grade window films here at Opalux, drawing upon our experience and expertise gained over decades of offering outdoor-ready films.

With their weatherable construction incorporating additional ultraviolet (UV) barriers, Opalux exterior-grade films stand strong where alternative exterior films degrade, which has long made them a trusted solution among organisations from a vast range of sectors.

Countering the adverse effects of UV

UV radiation into a commercial property has long been undesirable, given how it can compromise worker comfort and productivity while also causing gradual fading and damage to interior fabrics. Our exterior reflective solar control films here at Opalux can therefore be invaluable, not least when they are applied to the exterior face of window glass.

Fixing our exterior-grade window film to the outside of your building means that the heat of the sun can be rejected before it penetrates and is absorbed by the actual glazing unit. This makes them a more efficient solution for reducing solar gain, as the sun’s heat is not allowed to re-radiate to the inside of the building.

However, applying our reflective exterior-grade film to the outside face of your premises’ glass has another key advantage: the reduced risk of thermal fracture. Laminated, Georgian-wired and heavily tinted glass can be especially vulnerable to this, although it can also happen with other glazing in certain circumstances.

Make Opalux your go-to exterior window film company

We offer various options for exterior-grade window film, depending on your other practical requirements, as you can find out by browsing the product categories on our website. Our exterior films bear the film code suffix –eSR, rather than the –iSR used for internally applied films.

Don’t hesitate to contact us on +44 (0) 845 026 1125 or by emailing to discuss whether a given window film of ours can be applied to the exterior surface of your building’s glass and is a good match to your firm’s other needs. It is at this stage that we will also be able to arrange a free quotation and survey for you.





What marks out the finest window film installers?

When you are looking to have architectural window film installed at your company or organisation’s premises, you will doubtless find yourself with plenty of window film suppliers from which to choose. So, what are the characteristics that you should look out for when comparing such companies? 

Extensive industry experience

Opalux has been serving an extremely wide range of customers since its inception in 1976 – and many of the installing dealers with which we work have a similarly long history and broad-based experience.

A track record with many different clients

Do your chosen window film installers possess considerable experience of working alongside not only such end-users as schools, colleges, hospitals, offices, government departments, laboratories, hotels, sports centres and industrial plants, but also the likes of architects, designers, specifiers, main contractors and related trades such as glazing, blinds and security companies?

An in-depth stock of window films

Organisations and individuals like those above seek the services of window film installers with many different priorities in mind. They may be especially interested in window films that can provide solar and energy control, or it may be anti-graffiti protection or privacy that they most need from a window film. Or perhaps the window film is to be installed for solely cosmetic reasons?

Whatever the needs of the organisations or individuals that they serve, window film installers should not only have the product knowledge to know exactly what window film would best answer the customer’s specific needs, but also the ability to quickly source such window film, whether from its own stock or that of a leading manufacturer like Opalux.

Specialised know-how for specialised applications

We are proud here at Opalux to also produce an assortment of more specialised window solutions, including glazing manifestation and digitally printed films. However, when you are looking to purchase such solutions, it’s a good idea to choose window film installers that have the necessary expertise in using them.

Whether you are in need of know-how in digital print films, graphic design, plotter-cut window graphics or all manner of other products, it is well worth asking window film installers whether they possess or are able to call upon such expertise.

It couldn’t be more straightforward to request a free survey and quotation from Opalux – simply complete and submit our simple online contact form, or call 0845 026 1125. 

Add interest and vibrancy to your windows by applying our digital print films

While many of those who purchase architectural window films from us do so for obvious practical reasons – for example, to slow down the damage that the sun’s rays can cause to their business’s internal decor or fabrics, or to toughen their glass against breakage – there is also the aesthetic dimension to consider.

It may be that you shop for window films at Opalux with the intention of purchasing film that would leave the casual observer none the wiser as to its presence; alternatively, you may be interested in privacy films that completely prevent someone from being able to peer inside.

But have you ever thought of purchasing digital print films for certain areas of your company’s premises, where there may be an obvious opportunity or need to add inspiring and colourful decoration or promote your brand? If so, Opalux can help.

What are the main reasons to buy digitally printed window films?

Digitally printed films are those that have been printed with some kind of creative, promotional or decorative content, and which can have considerable benefits for a business or organisation beyond straightforward promotion.

Naturally, where your firm’s windows look out onto the street or another location from which they are in prominent view, it may make sense to invest in digital print films that can help to spread awareness of your organisation’s logo, colours and branding among all passers-by who see it. 

However, such films can be useful in a wide range of contexts. They may be applied to windows, for example, that present only a dull and uninspiring view of the world outside, adding interest and vibrancy to a working space that may otherwise lack these characteristics. This, in turn, may help to inspire your business’s workers and everyone else who needs to use your building.

Alternatively, you may simply have these films printed for more straightforward advertising – for example, of your company’s latest product or even an upcoming event at your premises.

Order digital print films for your firm from Opalux

Whatever the purpose for which your company may seek to use digital print films, when you work with Opalux, you can be sure of investing in window films that will make the right visual impact on your business’s premises.

Contact Opalux Customer Services today, so that you can be connected to the Opalux Market Place. From here, you will be able to find a professional company capable of providing you with the films that are best-suited to your business’s needs, including in relation to the location and nature of your building and the number of windows that are to be treated.  

Our translucent privacy films give your business flexibility and control

Do you wish to ensure a level of privacy at your organisation’s premises, while still enabling your workers and the users of your buildings to enjoy a good level of natural light during the working day? In that case, you may be interested in our translucent privacy films.

Purchase semi-transparent window films from Opalux, and you can exercise greater control over the level and nature of the privacy that those using your buildings can enjoy, while also benefiting from a greater level of flexibility than would be the case if you had simply had privacy glass installed.

These films, after all, mean that an architect or designer can specify the same clear glass throughout the premises, which allows for the later application of privacy films when and where they may be needed.

The strongest-selling Opalux privacy films cater to the most urgent priorities

Our two most popular translucent privacy films are the Opalux Frost Vinyl (PV900) and Opalux Fine Acid Etch Frost (PA902) films. These privacy screening films share a range of advantages, including ease of installation and a high level of light transmission that enables them to provide two-way privacy while maintaining abundant light levels. There is also the option to remove, update or replace them in the future.

These two single ply films can also both incorporate manifestations, as can be invaluable for satisfying Health & Safety requirements for large areas of uninterrupted glazing, such as glass partitions. However, of these two options, it is only the PV900 film that can also incorporate graphics, which may be desirable for adding your company’s new or existing corporate identity to both internal and external glazing.

We have many more privacy films from which you can choose

Such is our expertise and resourcefulness with regard to translucent privacy films that we are also able to give you such options as a graduated frost semi-privacy film. This film graduates from 100% translucent through to completely transparent, which makes it a good choice for spaces where you may wish to obscure one part of a window, but allow viewers to see through another part of that same glass.

There are also options here at Opalux for frosted vinyl plotter-cut graphics, patterned semi-privacy film and digitally printed translucent designer films. The latter may be specified for either total privacy or semi-privacy, and can be sourced by contacting Opalux Technical Services. This will enable you to access the Opalux Market Place, through which you can be put in touch with an Opalux approved state-of-the-art specialist provider.

Contact the Opalux team now to arrange a free survey and quotation in relation to any of our highly rated translucent privacy films.



The necessity of controlling glare in your workplace

85% of the information that we take in is through our sight. This should not be a surprising fact, given how much we learn from such activities as reading books and looking at signs; however, it does place a strong onus on ensuring that your workplace lighting is not producing glare that hinders your workers.

Yes, your workplace can have too much light

When most of us talk about ‘poor lighting’, we do so in reference to insufficient lighting. However, lighting can also be too strong, thereby giving rise to certain adverse effects such as eyestrain, which can hamper workers’ productivity.  

Research by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has also found that excessive light can have a detrimental effect on mood. You probably already know, from your own experiences, how much your productivity can be compromised when you aren't enjoying your time in the office.

See the light... but not too much of it

If your employees' work involves prolonged periods viewing computer screens, they may suffer what is known as visual display unit – or VDU – glare. While evidence suggests that this does not bring long-term issues, it can cause temporary myopia, which curbs the ability to see distant objects.

Lengthy, uninterrupted periods of viewing a bright computer screen can also throw the body's circadian rhythms into disarray. These rhythms affect how the body reacts to lightness and darkness, so too much time spent in front of an overly bright computer screen may lead to difficulties getting to sleep at night.

You shouldn't dare to glare

All of these problems can be prevented, or at least made less likely to happen when you act to reduce glare on your premises. However, tweaking the arrangements of your office's artificial lighting may not be sufficient, as light coming in through the windows can also be a problem.

When light enters from outside, it can shine onto a computer monitor and wash out what it displays. Fortunately, you can combat this problem by fitting a dedicated glare control window film that can significantly lower the likelihood of a washed-out display.


Call our team now, on 0845 026 1125, to learn more about your options for a glare control window film from Opalux, which is one of the most trusted names in architectural window films.  



Energy control window films have various positive effects

We have long passed the point at which energy efficiency was an obsession largely restricted to the biggest corporations with a particular anxiety to prove their ‘social responsibility’.

The truth is that with energy savings also meaning real financial savings, which in turn make a real impact on a company’s bottom line, such solutions as energy control window films should be carefully considered by every company.

So, what are the solutions that we can offer in this category here at Opalux?

Our energy control films lessen the pressure on your air conditioning

It’s a familiar problem for office-based businesses – oppressively hot days can make it essential that you have an air conditioning system in place to enable your employees to work as productively as possible right through the day. However, it can be prohibitively expensive to have to pay for a hard-working air conditioning system right through the day, which is where our energy control window films can prove invaluable.

Our energy control films for air conditioned buildings reject as much as 80% of the heat of the sun’s rays, which helps to keep your office comfortably cool without the need for your air conditioning to work so hard. Once you’ve applied the film, it automatically gets to work – you don’t have to worry about any complex controls or human intervention, such as pulling down the blinds.

We also have exterior applied energy control films that serve a similar purpose, again rejecting the heat of the sun. By comparison, an interior application leaves the glazing units to catch the heat from the sun and potentially start warming up as well, which could result in a ‘radiator’ effect. 

Then, there are the Low-E energy control films that are internally applied solar control films incorporating a Low-E coating on the interior facing side of the film. Such films are effective at repelling a large proportion of the sun’s heat and glare, enhancing the comfort of your building’s occupants and ensuring you don’t have to spend so much on air conditioning.

We are the only architectural window film suppliers you will ever need

Opalux is one of the most widely known and respected names in architectural window films, and certainly continues to command an unparalleled reputation for the supply of the most innovative energy control window films.

There really is no superior company from which to source even the most specialised window films, encompassing a broad range of categories.  

Why would you need to invest in our tinted window films?

While much of the discussion about window tinting revolves around the tinting of car windows rather than building windows, it is true that tinted window films are often as crucial an addition to the latter as they are to the former, for not dissimilar reasons of privacy, sun protection and style.

To give you a deeper appreciation of precisely why you may purchase tinted window films for your building, we thought we'd take you through a quick tour of the options we offer here at Opalux.

Our grey and black tinted films are about more than privacy

The grey/black window tints that are available right now from Opalux can certainly provide varying levels of daytime privacy, with the glass given a low mirror exterior appearance.

However, these films have various other potential uses, including to enhance the look of a building, control the level of harmful UV rays that are allowed to enter through the window, and provide the vital shade that the building's occupants may need.

When you choose a darker shade, meanwhile, you can look forward to exceptional glare control, which is sure to be appreciated by any computer users in your buildings.

Or discover the colourful world of our transparent art colour tinted films

As great as the visual appeal of our grey/black window tints may be for certain types of business, our art colours window films are a very different proposition. They are optically clear and transparent when applied to clear glass, but also come in an assortment of colours so that designers can tint windows in a manner befitting the vibe they wish to give to a certain space.

Such film may be used in an extremely wide range of settings, including classrooms, children's wards, exhibition displays, stage sets, public buildings, gyms and sports centres, to name just a few.

Finally, we also stock various other optically clear transparent brilliant colour window tints that are supplementary to the art colours range. Such tints as Pastel Rose and Amber are available, and again, settings ranging from gyms, public buildings and restaurants to sports centres, entrances and porticos can be cosmetically enhanced by them.

Place your trust in Opalux

As you can see, there is more than one great reason to purchase tinted window films like those that Opalux stocks! Don't hesitate to contact our team today to discuss in greater detail which solution may be best suited to your intended application.


Protect your business's image and livelihood with our anti-graffiti window films

Graffiti - whether it takes the form of spray paint, magic markers, scouring, etchings or any of the other types so favoured by vandals today - is a fact of life against which many businesses and organisations would like to protect themselves.

The reasons for this should be more than self-explanatory. Whether you run a business such as a coffee shop or high-street retailer that depends on presenting the most favourable image to those passing by your windows each day, or you are instead responsible for mass transit systems like buses, trains and ferries, you will want to make the best possible impression on everyone who uses or sees your infrastructure or buildings.

However, the cleaning and/or replacement of graffiti-damaged glazing can also unquestionably be greatly taxing on your company's time and budget, which is why you may decide to take the more pre-emptive approach of investing in our renowned anti-graffiti window films.

We can help you to select the ideal anti-graffiti film

There is no 'one size fits all' solution as far as anti-graffiti window films are concerned, so it is important that you take the time to determine the solution that best suits your practical and aesthetic requirements. Nonetheless, given that we are one of the UK's premier brands of architectural window film here at Opalux, you will be in the right hands.

Given that this optically clear film works on the basis of absorbing graffiti in order to protect the window on which it is applied from scratch marks, it is especially vital to consider the thickness of the film that you specify. 100micron thickness is the minimum for this type of film, although a thicker 175micron version and a multi-laminate 200micron solution are also available, and may be better solutions to protect against the use of especially heavy-duty tools by graffiti operators.

In addition to the above, we can provide exterior weather protected versions in 100 and 175micron thicknesses to give you further peace of mind.

The task of selecting from such an extensive range of anti-graffiti window films should be done with the assistance of a suitably informed individual. This is why we can put you in contact with an Opalux approved dealer who can advise on your requirements, even visiting your site if necessary and providing information on how much it will cost to install the film at your premises.

Ultimately, when you are in the market for anti-graffiti window films, there's no reason to place your trust in any brand other than Opalux. We are one of the most trusted suppliers of architectural window films today - and for good reason! 


Plotter-cut window graphics can bring wide-ranging benefits to your business

You may not spend a lot of time thinking about them, but you almost certainly notice them. We are, of course, talking about plotter-cut window graphics, which make frequent appearances on all manner of organisations’ premises and bring all manner of advantages.

Such appealing window graphics as plotter-cut frost films, coloured vinyl and digitally printed graphics are obviously largely chosen for their visual impact, which we can help to ensure your own organisation makes with our renowned plotter-cut window graphics here at Opalux.

The corporate logos, text or freeform bespoke graphic designs and patterns that are customarily used for window graphics can be understated in some cases, and in other instances bold. They help to draw attention to or affirm your company’s brand imaging, cultivating interest among potential customers and instilling pride in your employees.

Such window graphics are, at the very least, certainly more interesting than a plain window! However, their appeal is also in many ways practical, not merely aesthetic.

From privacy to promotion, our window graphics cater to every need

One obvious reason to invest in our plotter-cut window graphics is the extra layer of privacy they help to provide. Your business may be a bank, clinic or other type of organisation for which confidentiality and discretion are especially important, so some well-placed window graphics may be useful in warding off prying eyes.

The privacy that such window graphics can give isn’t only relevant to the above types of business. In any office business, in fact, your workers are likely to feel more comfortable and able to focus on their work if they feel that they have some privacy and can’t be spied on by those outside or even within the building.

Then, of course, there is the idea that plotter-cut window graphics can simply represent an economical method of promoting your business. Why bother to invest in an expensive outdoor billboard advertising campaign, when a few well-placed window graphics at your own premises may do a similarly good job of drumming up awareness of, and interest in your brand?

We give you lots of options for plotter-cut window graphics here at Opalux, so there’s no need to hesitate. Simply get in touch today with our knowledgeable team, and we will be able to discuss with you the type and specification of window graphics that may best suit your own requirements.



5 potential purposes of our safety film for glass

Our wide range of security and safety film for glass covers a similarly wide range of applications for all manner of organisations, businesses and premises. Here are just five of them.

           1. Holding shards of shattered glass in place

Accidents or other incidents do happen, and glass can become broken in a manner that can imperil people in close proximity if precautions have not been taken to guard against this.

Here at Opalux, we offer safety film that helps to hold in place dangerous shards of shattered glass so that they do not cause injury to users of your building when the breakage occurs.

          2. Ensuring legal compliance

Did you know that schools, hospitals, workplaces and public buildings are required to comply with Regulation 14 of the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 by upgrading glazing to a type that breaks safely?

In the event that your organization’s glazing fails to comply with these regulations and an accident occurs, you could be liable to prosecution and legal action leading to damages.

         3. Protecting soft furnishings and other vulnerable items

It may not seem the obvious reason to invest in glass safety film, but our own films in this category screen out 99% of UV radiation, meaning that any otherwise susceptible furnishings and fittings in your premises will not fade and deteriorate as quickly.

        4. Deterring potential burglars, vandals and intruders

While those who are most determined to rob from or cause the most damage to your business will always attempt to do so anyway, a large proportion of individuals in this category will inevitably be those who are seeking an easy opportunity.

If it is obvious to the potential miscreant that you have applied some kind of special film to your premises’ door or window – for instance, if you have invested in our combined translucent, privacy and safety films in fine acid etch frost – they are likely to look elsewhere for that opportunity.

       5. Temporarily protecting glass

There are times when intact glass needs to be protected on a temporary basis by glaziers, such as when the panels of glass are being handled, transported and installed. Construction operations can be inherently dangerous, so it makes sense to invest in a suitably temporary solution.

Opalux’s temporary protection film can be that solution, with discounts also available for bulk supplies.


Whatever your requirements with regard to any of the categories of architectural window film that we apply, including safety film for glass, don’t hesitate to enquire to the Opalux team today for your free survey and quotation, by calling 0845 026 1125.