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Our internally applied heat reflective material for windows continues to deliver the goods

If it is a Google search for ‘heat reflective material for windows’ that has brought you to this page, you are presumably on the lookout for a solution that will reflect or repel the heat that can otherwise so easily rise and make your buildings’ internal spaces less than pleasant places to be.

Indeed, on the subject of internal spaces, it is important to note that such heat reflective material – otherwise known as window film – is available for both internal and external application.

While there are certain contexts in which internally applied film will make the most sense and others in which you may deem an external window film to be the best choice, an internal film undoubtedly offers convenience when it is not necessarily easy or simple to access the outer surface of your building’s glass.

So, what solar reflective films for internal application do we presently have in our stock here at Opalux, and what benefits will you be able to expect?

Different window films suit different requirements

While the basic principle of heat reflective material for windows as mentioned above may remain the same across the wide range of products on the market, we do see customers with many different requirements here at Opalux, and therefore seek to provide the most specialised and suitable window films for them.

You are likely to look to our Reflective – Silver 20 (SO-20RS-iSR) product, for instance, if it is the very best possible level of heat rejection that you desire in your choice of internally applied film. This product transmits just 13% of solar energy, while reflecting 52% of this energy and absorbing 35% of it. It also offers remarkable glare reduction capabilities of 82%.

However, while this particular window film is an excellent solution for tackling severe solar heat gains and glare problems in a building, all of this does mean lower levels of visible light are transmitted through the glass.

If, then, you require a higher amount of visible light transmission and are prepared to also accept a higher level of solar energy transmission and lower glare reduction to accommodate this, such a product as our Reflective – Silver 35 (SO-35RS-iSR) or Reflective – Silver 50 (SO-50RS-iSR) film may turn out to be more suitable.

Don’t accept anything less than an industry-leading product

Whatever window film you purchase from Opalux, you can be sure of the same impeccable standards of design, manufacture and effectiveness, as we have become renowned for over the decades since we were established in 1976. Our professional and friendly customer service team can also provide highly responsive and informed technical support.

Let’s ensure that you benefit from only the finest possible heat reflective material for windows, whether as a specifier or end user; call the Opalux team now, on 0845 026 1125, for all of the assistance and guidance you’ll need, as well as a competitive quote.


Your plastic conservatory rooflight deserves the right heat reduction film, too

While this time of year is one during which many of us retreat indoors a little more often than may have been the case during the summer, that doesn’t necessarily mean excessive heat ceases to be an issue.

The British weather has long been unpredictable in that way, of course. However, it may be that while you are enjoying your conservatory, you soon become aware of what heat reduction films like those from the Opalux brand could do for your experience of using such a building.

Polycarbonate windows and traditional window film sadly don’t mix

Unfortunately, if you were concerned about the adverse effects of high levels of ultraviolet rays (UV) and heat passing through your plastic conservatory rooflight to the space below – for example, discomfort for the users of the conservatory, or the quick deterioration of interior fabrics – you would probably be left dissatisfied by a ‘conventional’ reflective window film.

That’s because – as effective as such heat reduction films can undoubtedly be when applied to glass – they can have a tendency to bubble up if they are instead fitted to a plastic surface.

Thankfully, we have the perfect alternative product here at Opalux, in the form of our solar reflective film for polycarbonate windows and rooflights. There are both interior and exterior variants of this product available, depending on your preferences and requirements, and both have an exceptional track record of helping to make conservatories and similar buildings much pleasanter places to be, whatever the season.

Films that answer all of your pressing needs

While the interior version of this film is the renowned translucent metallised Opalux Suncool product (SO-10SC-iBF) that has its own great reputation for providing immediate shading and relief from the sun’s rays, the exterior version (SO-20RS-eBFSR) should also not be overlooked.

The latter film is, of course, designed to be installed on the outside surface of a polycarbonate window or rooflight, and brings a host of benefits – including impeccable solar heat and glare reduction and one-way privacy during the day.

As aforementioned, you may also specify such films as the above if you are worried about the lifespan of your furniture and furnishings being shortened as a result of them being constantly exposed to the harshness of the sun. Sure enough, these particular heat reduction films are highly trusted as a solution in this regard, thanks to their powerful filtering of damaging UV rays.

We can help you to make the most appropriate choice

Don’t forget, too, that it’s very easy to ensure you select the right heat reduction window film for your requirements when you simply get in touch directly with the Opalux team, as you can do by calling 0845 026 1125.

When you take this step, we will be able to answer any technical questions you may have, in addition to arranging an on-site visit if necessary, so that we can give you an accurate and competitive quote.


Could our computer simulation help you to assess the potential results of installing one of our energy control films?

So, you’ve carefully considered the merits of our energy control window films here at Opalux, including such products as our exterior-applied and Low-E variants, but you’re still unsure about the cost savings that this type of window film could make possible. What should be your next step?

Well, it may be that a computer simulation program could assist in determining whether purchasing a particular window film from us would give you worthwhile savings. 

How does the program work?

The simulation is based on the principle of whole building modelling, necessitating the collection of a significant amount of data about your building if the most accurate result is to be achieved.

The process entails your Opalux dealer collecting the relevant information and forwarding it to our Technical Department, so that we can then run the simulation. However, having this simulation performed is far from the work of a moment, as the Opalux dealer will need to carry out an in-depth survey of the building fenestration.

Indeed, your dealer must also assess how feasible the exercise is at all, and give you a timescale and price for the whole building analysis if you do decide to proceed. Nonetheless, it may turn out to be better for the dealer to make their recommendations to you on the basis of empirical evidence, instead of going as far as undertaking this expensive procedure.

Nonetheless, if it is ultimately judged to be a good idea to carry out the simulation, a wide range of inputs will need to be collected – including building shape and orientation, information about the HVAC system, cooling and heating temperature settings when the building is occupied and unoccupied, gas and electricity rates, total building area, and other details.

We should be your first port of call for window films

Whether you approach us specifically with heat and glare reduction films, energy control films, tinted films, safety films or any similar product in mind, you can be sure that you have chosen the right brand in the form of Opalux.

Get in touch with the Opalux team today – by calling +44 (0)845 026 1125 or emailing – to discuss in greater detail how our industry-leading window films could serve your desired application, as well as to request a competitive quotation.


Just how much heat can be lost when you choose one of our clear heat control films?

If you are interested in reducing temperatures in a setting that can be vulnerable to excessive heat, but where it is also important to ensure the windows retain a naturally clear appearance, you might be concerned that there are only so many window films you are able to choose from.

However, a type of window film that can definitely cater to this requirement is our own clear heat control film here at Opalux.

As the name of these window films indicates, our clear heat control films transmit high visible light levels, unlike some of the other glass film to reduce heat that you may have considered, yet are still genuinely effective at rejecting heat gain.

This combination of qualities helps to make these films an excellent choice for such applications as retail shop windows, motor showrooms and other residential and commercial settings in which a reflective or tinted outward look just wouldn’t be desirable from a window film.

But what exact level of performance can you expect from this particular glass film to reduce heat?

Genuinely impressive heat reduction

Before we go any further, it is worth emphasising that unlike many of the other heat reduction films we supply here at Opalux, our clear heat control films are not a particularly good choice if it is a major priority of yours to decrease glare. Indeed, these films are all intended to be used in spaces where glare control is not a great concern, or where it is already addressed by other means such as awnings, curtains or blinds.

If, though, you are specifically seeking out clear glass film to reduce heat, these products deliver remarkable results. Opt for our internal Specialist Heat Control – Clear (SO-70IR-iSR) product, for instance, and you can look forward to 50% of solar energy being transmitted through the glass to which it is applied, while 11% will be reflected and 39% absorbed.

The relevant solar energy statistics for the Supreme XL – IR Heat Control/Clear (SO-70XLIR-iSR) film, meanwhile, are 37% transmitted, 36% reflected and 27% absorbed. Finally, the Specialist Heat Control Clear External (SO-70IR-eSR) film, which is designed to be fitted to the outside surface of glass, transmits 39% of solar energy, reflects 9% and absorbs 52%.

Source your glass film to reduce heat from the undoubted industry leaders

With heat reduction being just one benefit of the clear heat control film manufactured and supplied by Opalux – the others ranging from very high light transmissions and quick retro-fit installation to the effective screening of ultraviolet (UV) rays and the better protection of interior furnishings – these are ideal window films for various contexts and purposes.

Don’t, then, hesitate to talk to the Opalux team about how we can serve your own most specific requirements from glass film to reduce heat. Call 0845 026 1125 now, and we will also be able to arrange a free survey and quotation for you.

Our highly regarded Mani-Fest® manifestation can be an essential workplace health and safety enhancement

Is your organisation seeking a quick route to compliance with not only Building Regulations, but also the Workplace Health Safety & Welfare Regulations for window manifestation or glass partition manifestation? If so, our off-the-shelf frosted manifestation dots or squares could be an invaluable investment, whether your firm is the specifier or end user.

Indeed, unlike so many window film and related products, Mani-Fest® dots or squares are highly suitable for application by end users – and indeed, can be supplied directly to such users by us.

Why does our window manifestation make so much sense?

While, as mentioned above, there are regulations that make our manifestation dots or squares a wise purchase when you wish to achieve fast-track compliance with health and safety requirements, it is not just the legal or safety angle that you may be motivated by when turning to us for these products.

Our Mani-Fest® dots and squares are, after all, neat, unobtrusive and unpretentious in appearance, and have long won rave reviews from our customers, who have routinely described them as “easy to use”, a “good concept” and “very convenient”.

You therefore don’t need to consider any other window film product for this purpose, our glazing manifestations being suitable for use throughout an organisation’s departments or buildings, thereby helping to perpetuate a consistent aesthetic across all of the given firm’s premises.

It’s no wonder, then, that contractors place their trust in us time and time again when in need of manifestation dots and squares for use on new or existing glass in schools, hospitals, public buildings, offices and retail stores – to name just some obvious settings in which this product is likely to be valued.

Ask us any questions you may have about Mani-Fest®

Opalux is a go-to name for manifestation rolls not just in dot and square designs, but also in the form of bars, chevrons or diamonds – or for that matter, almost whatever other pattern you may wish to request from us. We also offer attractive quantity discounts when 10 or more rolls are purchased at a time.

We aren’t just a company to consider, then, when your organisation is in need of standard window film! Call 0845 026 1125 now, and our friendly and professional team will be happy to discuss with you the best-suited solution, and even arrange for same or next-day despatch of your items.

Window film to reduce glare can have all-year-round relevance

The reasons why it makes sense to purchase window film to reduce glare during the summer are obvious; at a time of year when the sun is at its brightest, glare can be a recurrent problem that prevents a building’s occupants from concentrating on their vital work.

If you’re ever been trying to concentrate on a computer screen, for instance, only for glare to make it difficult to see what’s on the display, you’ll know just how much of a godsend dedicated glare reduction window film can be for bolstering worker comfort and productivity during the summer.

It’s easy to overlook, though, just how much of an issue glare can also be at other times of year. Indeed, glare may turn out to be an even greater problem for a building’s occupants in the colder and darker months, due to the sun being lower in the sky.

So, glare reduction window film might bring even greater value than you think

While the occupants of taller buildings may be especially vulnerable to being dazzled by direct sunlight on a regular basis, here at Opalux, we’re delighted to stock window film to reduce glare in a wide range of settings, and in all manner of circumstances.

When a lot of people think of window film to reduce glare, it is solar reflective window films that particularly come to mind. Sure enough, we offer a variety of such products that provide varying levels of glare reduction, depending on how much of a priority this is for you; of these, it is our Reflective – Silver 20 films that lower glare to the greatest extent, by 82%.

However, we are also pleased to be able to supply low mirror window films for those that wish to ensure a good level of glare reduction without the highly mirrored appearance that our solar reflective films have – as may be the case for you if you are seeking out films for a more architecturally sensitive building.

Or perhaps you are in need of window film to reduce glare in the very different setting of a conservatory or where polycarbonate rooflights have been installed? If so, our External Reflective Silver 20 for Polycarbonate film reduces glare by 81%, while also – in common with other films we have described in this article – providing additional benefits such as solar heat rejection, ultraviolet (UV) filtering and scratch resistance.

We can source the window film that ideally matches your requirements

Whatever your uppermost priorities are for the next window film that you purchase, you can be confident of making the right choice when you first get in touch with our technical department, by calling +44 (0)845 026 1125 or emailing

Don’t allow glare to be a constant headache for the users of your own buildings – or any buildings for which you have responsibility as an end user or specifier – at this or any other time of year.



Can our solar reflective films be applied to plastic as well as glass?

Given the broad range of options that we present to both end-users and specifiers for heat reflective material for windows, you might understandably ask whether there are any versions of this film that are designed for plastic rather than glass windows.

One thing that the Opalux team would certainly advise you against, is attempting to install film that was created with glass in mind on a plastic window. Unfortunately, if you were to try this with any of the standard solar reflective films in our range, it is likely that the film would ‘bubble up’, thereby rather ruining the sleek look that you might have hoped to achieve.

This is why we would instead point such customers firmly in the direction of our solar reflective films that have been specifically developed for use on polycarbonate windows, such as those windows that are typical for a conservatory or often used for rooflights.

Dependable and high-performing heat reflective material for windows

When you are seeking out the window film that we supply for polycarbonate windows, one of the most important decisions that you will face will be between the interior and exterior variants of this specialised heat reflective material for windows.

The film we offer that is designed to be installed on the interior surface of a polycarbonate window is the well-known Opalux Suncool (SO-10SC-iBF) product. This translucent metallised film provides immediate shade and relief from the often harsh effects of the sun.

Also available from Opalux, however, is an External Reflective Silver 20 for Polycarbonate (SO-20RS-eBFSR) film, which is a metallised polyester-based solar control film. As its name indicates, this film has a silver reflective appearance during the day, but only from the outside; from the inside, the visual effect is a light tint. As a consequence, this is a superb film for those wishing to ensure one-way privacy in their conservatory during daylight hours.

Both of these films are also renowned, however, for their considerable glare reduction capabilities, as well as their filtering of ultraviolet (UV) rays. The latter can be an important feature for not just better protecting you and the occupants of your conservatory, but also preventing your furniture and furnishings from fading prematurely.

Talk to the Opalux team about all things heat control films

At this time of year of all times of year, it can be an especially urgent matter to source and install heat reflective material for windows to swiftly ensure the most comfortable possible use of a conservatory or similar building.

Enquire to our professionals here at Opalux today, and we would be happy to discuss your most specific requirements for such a window film with you, and to arrange a free survey and quotation.



For the most demanding UV control applications, choose suitably specialist film

We take a lot of pride here at Opalux in supplying solar protection window film that caters to even the most exacting requirements, especially at a time of year like this one, when it can be so important to invest in a product that ticks a wide range of boxes.

This helps to explain why certain more specialised ultraviolet (UV) control films also play a central role in our product range. More specifically, we are referring to standard, enhanced and super enhanced UV protection films that can be depended on for applications calling for a product that goes beyond the most basic functions of the average solar protection window film.

Why might you purchase our Specialist UV Control film?

Our clear Specialist UV Control film (SO-CLUV-iSR) suits a variety of potential uses. It may, for instance, be applied to the windows of a home, vehicle or workplace for the benefit of people with a UV-sensitive skin condition, while it can also be useful for retailers, museums and similar organisations that are interested in shielding exhibits, displays and furnishings from the adverse effects of UV.

UV rays can be notorious for causing curtains, carpets, floors, furniture and artworks to deteriorate over time, which is why it is so great that this specialist solar protection window film surpasses the standard museum test requirements for low UV transmission and colour distortion.

While this film transmits 77% of solar energy and 86% of visible light, it also blocks up to 99% of UV rays in the 300 to 380-nanometer range of the solar spectrum.

Sometimes, though, an extra level of protection is required

So, with our Specialist UV Control film delivering such exceptional performance, how does the Amber UV Control film (SO-AMUV-iSR) differ?

Well, as its name indicates, this particular solar protection window film is amber in colour, which signals that it is designed to prevent the passage of UV light into the low visible light region. It is a product that is specified for settings in which different types of extreme UV light blocking are required, such as a medical or clean room.

As you may have already anticipated, the highly specialised nature of both of these films means that if you are to make the most informed choice of film for your own needs, it is advised that you first contact the Opalux technical department. This way, you can be sure of benefitting from our in-depth knowledge of these window films, of which samples can also be provided before you commit to any particular product.

Call 0845 026 1125 or email today, and you will be advantageously placed to make the best choice of solar protection window film for your own intended application.





Low mirror heat reduction films deliver exceptional performance for architecturally sensitive applications

At this time of year, when temperatures typically escalate and workers within buildings can suffer in the sweltering heat, you might understandably seek out solutions for making your own internal spaces more hospitable. Dedicated heat reduction films like those that Opalux supplies are frequently cited as a potential option – but are you concerned that the installation of such a product on your glass could be detrimental to its appearance?

This is an especially frequent concern when the building where the film is to be applied is a listed or historic one, thereby necessitating an aesthetically sensitive approach.

Well, the good news is that highly sophisticated low mirror heat reduction films are available from Opalux that sport a muted grey or bronze interior and exterior look, while still limiting the amount of heat gain and solar glare experienced by a building’s occupants.

Both interior and exterior versions of these films can be specified

All of our low mirror heat reduction films offer the lower reflectance that makes them well-suited to architecturally sensitive settings. However, the window films that you install might not perform or last for as long as they could or should, if you do not make the right choice between internal and external variants.

It’s customary for window films to be applied on the interior surface of glass, but in historic or listed structures in particular, it may not always be easy, possible or advisable to install film from the inside. This is why we offer these low mirror films in both interior and exterior versions, the latter of the exterior-grade construction that enables them to stand up to the elements for longer.

Allow us to guide you towards the right window film

As well as picking between internal and external versions of these in-demand heat reduction films, customers will need to select either grey or bronze – and even then, there are further options to choose from in line with specific requirements.

Those that opt for grey low mirror film, for instance, can opt for Neutral Grey 20 (SO-20NG-iSR), Neutral Grey 35 (SO-35NG-iSR) or Neutral Grey 50 (SO-50NG-iSR); the first of these only transmits 18% of visible light, which helps it to reduce glare by 80%. By contrast, the respective figures are 48% and 45% for the Neutral Grey 50 film.

If you are at all unsure about the window film that would represent the best choice for your intended application, whether as a specifier or end-user, you are welcome to contact the Opalux technical department on 0845 026 1125, or email This way, you can help to ensure you order the heat reduction films that would bring you the optimal results.

Our solar reflective window films may well be our ‘original and best’

Amid reports indicating that temperatures could soar in the United Kingdom over the coming weeks and months, it’s understandable that if you are contemplating solutions for reducing solar heat gain and excessive glare at your organisation’s premises, you may have considered window film.

Sure enough, here at Opalux, we supply an assortment of window films under our own brand, and which are highly acclaimed as both solar heat rejection and glare reduction films.

Why, then, is it our solar reflective films that have proved particularly enduringly popular down the years, given that we also offer such options as low mirror films, clear heat control films and polycarbonate films?

They deliver consistently formidable performance

Above all else, you will probably be looking to purchase solar protection window films to ensure protection against the worst effects of the sun, for both your workers and your premises in general. Your employees, for instance, are certainly likely to appreciate how our glare reduction films can help them to better concentrate on their work, while also lessening the potentially harmful consequences of high levels of ultraviolet (UV) light.

Thankfully, then, our solar reflective window films more than measure up in this regard, reducing glare by more than 80% in the case of our Silver 20 products, while also filtering 99% of UV rays and greatly lowering the proportion of solar energy that is allowed to pass through the glass.

Both internal and externally applied versions are available

If you’ve never – or rarely – purchased window films previously, it can be very instructive to familiarise yourself with the respective benefits of interior and exterior films.

Here at Opalux, we can advise and guide you with regard to those respective benefits for your own intended application; however, what matters most is that we can supply solar reflective films in both versions to suit where you intend to install it.

A pleasingly uniform appearance is assured

The silver reflective outside look of these films doesn’t just help your brand to project a consistent, professional and classy image of itself – it also gives you fewer worries about any prying eyes from those walking by on the street.

Fortunately, our solar reflective films don’t look the same from the inside, instead providing a much less noticeable light tint. In short, these are films that are squarely suited to the specific needs of your business or organisation.

Would you like to discuss in greater detail your firm’s requirements, and which of our solar protection, heat rejection and glare reduction films could represent the best match to them? If so, simply enquire to the Opalux team today, and we will also be able to arrange a free survey, thereby enabling us to give you the most competitive possible quote.