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Emergency Glazing Window Film

Safety, Security & Glass Protection Films

Emergency Glazing Film is a heavy-duty temporary repair film that is applied to a window once the glass has been broken. it is used to keep the glass safe and prevent he glass form cracking further when it is being removed from the frame.

This film is a short term, cost effective solution while you wait for the glass to be removed. It is a clear film which means it doesn't hinder the vision through or prevent light into the room but is also more visually appealing than a boarded up window.

It is excellent to use in public places such as schools, hospitals, offices and shops. it is a very strong, durable film which is designed to keep your staff and customers around the glass safe from any further splintering of glass and breakage unitl the window is replaced. Also it provides a certaiin amount of waterproofing while waiting for the replacement to be fitted.

Every box contains a 1m x 15m roll of heavy duty clear self-adhesive emergency glazing film, with a release liner, which can be cut to size, for application to the damaged pane without delay.  It is used as a temporary repair pending glass replacement, not a permanent solution.

No special training or tools are needed, but broken glass is dangerous and care should be taken in applying this emergency glazing film.

A supply should be readily at hand to avoid having to call in a tradesman to board up the window.

For supplies of Opalux emergency glazing film please telephone our hotline (8.00am-5.00pm) as given below or email your requirement using the form provided. Discounts for bulk supplies are available.