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Safety Window Films for Bomb-Blast & Industrial Explosion

Safety, Security & Glass Protection Films

The threat of terrorism is unfortunately on the increase worldwide and bomb-making skills are also proliferating.  Building, security and risk managers need to assess the risk and prepare ahead of time.  Flying shards of glass in the event of an explosion have proved to be lethal for personnel but also very costly due to the wrecking of interior decor, IT systems, furniture and equipment.

While a large explosion may virtually demolish a building, it is the buildings in the vicinity or further away, with their workers, that are at risk of having their windows shattered and blown in and therefore would benefit from bomb-blast protection. If the windows are held in place, although shattered, not only would the occupants be shielded from flying glass but also the interior contents and decor would be protected from the elements.

A professional installation of Opalux bomb-blast window film is a straightforward quick retro-fit solution to help protect staff and property, and is a simple and cost-effective provision, ahead-of-time, against these risks. 

Many buildings in Central London and other large cities have been treated in the past with safety film to help protect people and property against bomb-blast.  Likewise industrial plants and other vulnerable buildings, often away from heavily populated areas, have treated their glazing against bomb-blast or industrial explosion.

Current standards indicate either single-ply 175micron or dual-ply 200micron films for this category of risk (see also ATTACHMENT SYSTEMS FOR SAFETY & SECURITY FILMS) ,  Accurate selection of film requires specialist knowledge and end-users and specifiers are encouraged to consult Opalux technical department. 

Where appropriate you will be connected to an Opalux approved dealer who can discuss your requirements, visit site if necessary, and provide costings for the film installation.